Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Not to long ago has gifted me with an overwhelming love to pray for all and harbor no judgement towards anyone. Whenever i pray in the spirit i always pray for god to give me more: grace, love, and mercy. Whenever i pray i am entirely holy spirit lead. I typically pray for myself or people the holy spirit leads me to pray for or nations.

Monday, May 28, 2012

who i am

MY name is Jesse golden, I am 19 years old i live in Spokane washington. I have created this blog out of gods guidance. I am a charismatic Christan born and raised. This blog is to document and publish my daily spiritual encounters with god in my life. My 2 biggest spiritual gifts is being a seer and prophecy. I typically see peoples spirits and the mechanisms of god and the emeny. And then see how to pray for or against those mechanisms.

Major change in my direction.

While visiting a family friends church, which she pastors at. I rreceived prayer from one of the congerents there. And she saw me being very dear to god and being a very good friend of his. This goes along with a word that i had recived when i was a kid at a conference in Naches Washington. A pastor prayed for me and had a feeling (just a feeling) that i might be one of gods favorite people. Throughout mt life i have gotten hunderds of words from many people all saying that i have a tremendous call upon my life. Which i have yet to figure out. But ever since i got prayer on sunday from the women at my friends church i have had this feeling in my spirit that god is very close to me (in a physical sense) as if he were right next me all the time. This has brought a very increasing assurance upon that i am doing gods will at this point in my life.