Friday, August 31, 2012

hands in the spirit

Hands in the spirit represent dexterity and usefulness. The
left hand side is the spiritual side and the means that they have authority in
that specific area .Depending on the color of the hand meaning if its black or
white. If its white it means a holy usefulness or authority. If its black it
can mean a deceptive usefulness or a loss. If there singers missing from a hand
it can mean a loss of usefulness or dexterity. Ive found if a thumb is gone it
can man a loss of handiness and adaptability.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Blackness in the spirit

Sometimes people’s spirits are black or are partially black.
The blackness can represent unbelief, doubt, demonic presence. Or just a bad time in someone’s
life If someone was a unbeliever in the pastor has gone through a phase of
unbelief the blackness well ne horizontally on the depending on the length of
time. If the spirit is entirely black that means that someone hasn’t belief at
all. Another thing that I have seen with blackness is blackness in someone’s
core or deep down in a limb or their torso. The deep blackness represents
someone internal beliefs or heart (meaning their morality or personhood)

Friday, August 24, 2012

What god wants me to do (White spirits definition)

God wants me to use
this blog to catalog and Distribute the accumulated knowledge of my spiritual
symbolism reservoir. A good prefect spirit is Glowing bright white and has all
of its full limbs. A "Bad" spirit or unbelieving would be black and lacking
parts of limbs or the entire limb. Depending on what’s missing from the spirit
represented. It will illustrate what’s wrong with it.