Friday, November 15, 2013


Sorry that I haven’t posted anything for a while. But a while ago I began seeing crystals in people’s spirits almost as blooming complex flowers with an infinite amount of depth in them constantly changing and intrinsic, very well resembling  the iris of an eye. I was concerned at first because groups in the “New Age” movement use crystals for metaphysical purposes such as healing and luck charms. But as I was seeing them more and more I saw them as a good indicator of people’s hearts and moods. .
Here is what I have ascertained of their symbolism so far. The crystals come in bright tertiary colors such as pink, cyan and yellow. The brighter colors indicate a healthier state and darker colors show a darker state or constrained heart or emotion. The lower of the amount of complexity and depth shows a superficial state or a lack of something (which may be indicated by the color. Location is important as it may show a specific area for attention.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Its been a while since ive posted anything about symbolism, so I decided to post something. I prayed  and I saw what to write about and I saw connections and representations of connections. By connections I mine how things and people are related and relationships between us. One symbol I usually see showing a relationship between me and someone else is a bridge a bridge in any form. The flow traffic to and from each other shows how much effort is involved by either party in maintaining the relationship, and the quality and condition of the bridge shows the health of the relationship and depending on which traffic direction things are on (for example cracks and things of that nature.), shows the specific aspects of the relationship to that person.

Another such example could be strings or lines I just saw this for the firt time when I was praying. From what I can tell it’s a superficial way of showing a connection between two entities

Sunday, September 8, 2013

New Season

Over the summer I started smoking marijuana with my friends (all of my friends are what some people would refer to as “Heathens” I personally really hate that term so I don’t use it.) On the first of the month we were getting high off of some hash. I was laying down on my bed for a bit and I was having prophetic visions of whats going to happen between then and the time I start college on the 23rd. I couldn’t get the phrase new season out of my mind and for the hour or so I was on my bed I saw that this month is going to be the month that my great year is going to start where my life will take off. I saw that everything will transition this month, that my drug use will stop and that my friend group will broaden at school and I will start befriending much more Christians and that these new friends will be my life-long friends.

That night we didn’t clean the back porch, which then made my dad rather angry at me and my friends and for the whole day he kept on talking about a new season starting and taking place for me. And he banished my friends for a month. I still go over to their places but my drug use has gone way down. And my friendships with them has started to change and I can see that as I integrate the new friends ill be making at college into my life that it will be easier for me to spend time with them. The day after the first I prayed and god give me a verse from job, and it is Job 36:6 (AMP) | In Context | Whole Chapter

He does not prolong the life of the wicked, but gives the needy and afflicted their right

I was rather amazed when I saw this and since this revelation my confidence in the future has become stronger and I have less worry.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Vision and increased spiritual encounters

A few weeks back I had a really powerful vision and physical manifestation of an angel while I was praying. The vision was I saw myself running an organization that was godly rooted and empowered. The organization was offering analysis and advice rereading my generation, generation Y. I have a huge heart and call for my generation and my nation. The organization of which I would be the head of would offer godly rooted support in how to deal with Gen Y, much like a think tank.

Whenever I know that an angel will manifest my spiritual vision and regular vision start to meld and I begin to see into the spirit without having to open my spirit eyes. This time the angel flew through my room and then my room glowed for a few seconds. Angels tend to be super super bright like an intense white light. About anytime I pray I start to have my vision meld happening and there is an intense feeling of god in the room.

Sometime last year god told me that I would be entering an intense spiritual season equal to the time right after my stroke whenever I go to heaven now everything is much more vibrant and I can see more detail and color now.

Sunday, June 30, 2013


A few days ago, something in my spirit attracted my attention it was pride, pride in my spiritual gifting and how accurate it is. This deceived me and caused me to blindly follow it and not doubt it. When I viewed myself in the spirit I saw next to my heart a black empty hollow area just to the left it was attached to my heart. So I did some investigating and took a closer look inside it was a dark kind of leechey thing. I prayed over it and then identified it as the pride and the root of it. So I prayed for god to remove it and to fill the empty cavity with something he desired. Which was a very bright cement representing integrity, ever since then I haven’t overly trusted my spiritual vision.


  Caverns in the spirit represent a place where something once existed and nothing fills that area. The area can be filled by anything good or bad. So it is wise to quickly ask god to fill it with something in which he desires. If you investigate it and nothing actually ever existed in it that means there is a lacking in something in which you need god to fill.  

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Last week I was poking around myself in the spirit and I realized how I can use all of my drive and motivation. Ever since my stroke I have felt this weight almost an emptiness in my chest. I remember the exact moment it developed, it was as soon as I hit the ground after getting out of the water. I felt it manifest right away, over the years I have thought it might be many things such as; god’s presence, my heart for example.

(A little detour) ever since I received my spiritual eyes I have been allowed to travel in the spirit to places in the spirit, like heaven.

So I was exploring my heart in the spirit and I saw a massive empty room like in a ruined stone temple. And I saw the more I prayed and prayed intensively the more the room was filled up and used.

To travel simply place yourself in the spirit and will where you want to go.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Strongholds in the spirit

Strongholds’ are talked about not only pertaining to the spirit they mean pretty much what the word says, in the spirit they tend to manifest as impossibly huge buildings that are equally menacing. There are good and bad strongholds. The bad ones are gigantic and have an evil simplicity in their architecture covered with horrific d├ęcor and scenery. The strongholds that represent good attributes and kind things are smaller and ever expanding in their complex intrinsically they will be bright colors typically flowers or animals, those sorts of things. Strongholds are major areas of weakness in someone. In the case of good things it is areas of strength in person. For example the city I live in Spokane there is a stronghold of depression here right in the city center. If you are able to, it is extremely visible in the spirit. And in the case of myself I have a stronghold of peace and contentedness where it is represented as a white water lily contained in an air pocket underwater. I don’t know why but that is what I see.  

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Rivers/flowing Motion/Water

If you see a river flowing in the spirit, It can mean a few things depending on the contents of the river. If the river contains water it is a source of life or constant change or an up and coming change. If the river is overwhelming it can be an overwhelming change that is about to occur. Rivers and water may also indicate healing if it is only water the bigger the body of water the more healing that’ll occur.  

If it is just a flowing motion it can indicate a change or deception in the situation. The larger the disturbance it maybe  an indicator that its  effects is/will be greater .motion can also be an indicator of danger same with water.  

I have heard for a while that a disastrous event will occur in the Seattle area involving water and It’ll change the Washington State coast forever I have poured my heart heavily into praying for it, that god will change and ebb it for good I had a vision in regards to it and I saw a huge vat of covering the whole Seattle area in water and its height was parallel to the peak of the Cascade mountain range. When I saw this my spirit groaned and yearned and I had an almost uncontrollable urge to shout glory.

Then I saw after the event that the water flow from the cascades and cover the whole US and it will start a healing for the land.  

Monday, April 22, 2013


For almost the whole so far I have felt the spirit urging me and calling me to pray for tragedy to strike my nation and generation to bring about radical change. It is my belief that tragedy is the best way to bring about change in someone for the good and for god’s purposes. Through lots of prayer and studying, I know for a fact that my generation is going to go through a countless amount of loss and tribulation more than man has ever seen before.  I feel like at times god calls on me to pray for the tragedies and disasters coming to ebb and curve them into something god can use for his glory.

My favorite quote is from an American playwright and author named John Masefeild, it reads, “Commonplace people dislike tragedy because they dare not suffer and cannot exult.” I believe that my generation is not a commonplace generation that we are a unique generation set up to endure and bring back retribution for America.
When I usually see tragic events coming in the spirit it’s a dark image with an ominous force sweeping over the silhouette of a person or nation. I hardly ever see a person, it is usually a nation.   

Friday, March 15, 2013

Praying for Nations

Lately when I pray, I feel the spirit calling me to pray for nations and champion change. What I usually see to start out with is I see the shape of a country in a dark gray and then I see a particular area like a light in the darkness, kind of like a glowing diamond. Once I find it. I see an occurring image and inferring on what to pray based on the image. The images are fairly vague and the prayer has to be very spirit lead. It usually requires intense prayer and meditation and I have seen some things come to pass that I prayed for.

You can apply this strategy in praying to anything. It usually expands from big to small information. Pay attention to the final image and look at every detail in each piece will reveal more truth, Also if you can try to manipulate the image to see how to pray in that situation.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

anyone out there???

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Instruments 1

Piano: the piano being the most complex and standard of all instruments is the primitive representation of someone’s thoughts and will in the spirit. If the piano is broken or the strings are not connected it can mean a lack of completion and lose of complexity. The good attributes of a piano is the will to learn and recite complex things and an ability to retain many things. Be mindful of the color of the piano as that can lead to more meanings.
Guitar: A guitar can mean aggression and wIld polar mood swings in someone. It can also mean power , power  and dominance over things. Watch is its electric or acoustic. Electric will mean more power. Acoustic means a more diversionary tactic approach and a more classical personality/demeanor. 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Isolation represented in the spirit can be a time of hardship, but yet a period of building and improving of the individual.

When a symbol is isolated in the spirit it means emphasis on it, as well as improving or growing.  

If the isolation is down casting on someone or something it means that it is being oppressive.

The isolation can be a burden(s), for example a lone struggle against something.

Meditation and peace may be a more positive meaning
I am going to start formatting every post like this one so it will be easier it read and use as a reference.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Trees typically mean life in the spirit, or a growth in a particular area (depending on where it is on/in the person.  I have been finding out that not all growing things in the spirit are good such as plants or animals. They can be like a cancer strangling the life and goodness out of someone.  The Esoteric aspects of the tree can be a beacon and/or a sign of change.

Be mindful of what color the leaves are as well dark colors will mean it is a bad tree and lighter colors will mean that it is a good tree.

Friday, January 4, 2013


I was asking god about what I should write for my blog post tonight. He responded to me by showing me a picture of building and I heard him saying write about buildings. I have never personally seen buildings in people’s spirits. But I can feel intuitively that the size of the building and state of the building (meaning if it’s in ruins or a prefect complication). If the building is large and massive it will mean that it is a stronghold in that person’s life or not if it is small. To discern what the building may mean . use your discernment, judging the color may help (perhaps even the architecture) will help.

The building I saw was a ruined cathedral, it was black and possibly burnt down with rubble all around the premises. There was also a dark human figure standing there looking as if it were burnt. I am discerning that the building represents hate. And it being a cathedral means it is a stronghold. Being in ruins it could that it is disputed territory. Like a battleground. I am not sure it all means as I am getting tired now.