Sunday, June 30, 2013


A few days ago, something in my spirit attracted my attention it was pride, pride in my spiritual gifting and how accurate it is. This deceived me and caused me to blindly follow it and not doubt it. When I viewed myself in the spirit I saw next to my heart a black empty hollow area just to the left it was attached to my heart. So I did some investigating and took a closer look inside it was a dark kind of leechey thing. I prayed over it and then identified it as the pride and the root of it. So I prayed for god to remove it and to fill the empty cavity with something he desired. Which was a very bright cement representing integrity, ever since then I haven’t overly trusted my spiritual vision.


  Caverns in the spirit represent a place where something once existed and nothing fills that area. The area can be filled by anything good or bad. So it is wise to quickly ask god to fill it with something in which he desires. If you investigate it and nothing actually ever existed in it that means there is a lacking in something in which you need god to fill.