Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Last week I was poking around myself in the spirit and I realized how I can use all of my drive and motivation. Ever since my stroke I have felt this weight almost an emptiness in my chest. I remember the exact moment it developed, it was as soon as I hit the ground after getting out of the water. I felt it manifest right away, over the years I have thought it might be many things such as; god’s presence, my heart for example.

(A little detour) ever since I received my spiritual eyes I have been allowed to travel in the spirit to places in the spirit, like heaven.

So I was exploring my heart in the spirit and I saw a massive empty room like in a ruined stone temple. And I saw the more I prayed and prayed intensively the more the room was filled up and used.

To travel simply place yourself in the spirit and will where you want to go.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Strongholds in the spirit

Strongholds’ are talked about not only pertaining to the spirit they mean pretty much what the word says, in the spirit they tend to manifest as impossibly huge buildings that are equally menacing. There are good and bad strongholds. The bad ones are gigantic and have an evil simplicity in their architecture covered with horrific d├ęcor and scenery. The strongholds that represent good attributes and kind things are smaller and ever expanding in their complex intrinsically they will be bright colors typically flowers or animals, those sorts of things. Strongholds are major areas of weakness in someone. In the case of good things it is areas of strength in person. For example the city I live in Spokane there is a stronghold of depression here right in the city center. If you are able to, it is extremely visible in the spirit. And in the case of myself I have a stronghold of peace and contentedness where it is represented as a white water lily contained in an air pocket underwater. I don’t know why but that is what I see.  

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Rivers/flowing Motion/Water

If you see a river flowing in the spirit, It can mean a few things depending on the contents of the river. If the river contains water it is a source of life or constant change or an up and coming change. If the river is overwhelming it can be an overwhelming change that is about to occur. Rivers and water may also indicate healing if it is only water the bigger the body of water the more healing that’ll occur.  

If it is just a flowing motion it can indicate a change or deception in the situation. The larger the disturbance it maybe  an indicator that its  effects is/will be greater .motion can also be an indicator of danger same with water.  

I have heard for a while that a disastrous event will occur in the Seattle area involving water and It’ll change the Washington State coast forever I have poured my heart heavily into praying for it, that god will change and ebb it for good I had a vision in regards to it and I saw a huge vat of covering the whole Seattle area in water and its height was parallel to the peak of the Cascade mountain range. When I saw this my spirit groaned and yearned and I had an almost uncontrollable urge to shout glory.

Then I saw after the event that the water flow from the cascades and cover the whole US and it will start a healing for the land.