Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Yellow in the Spirit

Lately I have wanted to figure out what yellow means in the spirit. So I looked in one of the reference books I have for symbolism defined by verses in the bible. The closest color I could find was amber. The book stated that amber means; The glory of God. I pressed more into the spirit and saw that along with The glory of God yellow also means royalty, rejuvenation, and strength. Also resistance in a good way I saw one of those stretchy bands that you work out with and pull. This means when you see yellow it may mean a divine test and endurance.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

meticulous scrutiny in the spirit

Last night me and dad were praying and I realized that I got out of the habit of when I look in the spirit in carefully analyze every detail in the vision. Doing this will fully reveal the complete meaning of what is happening, Pay close attention to intuitive feelings, Size, position, and color. Also be mindful of making sure you have seen the full image before assessing. Realizing this it has rekindled a desire to start covering definition of symbolism again.  

Friday, December 7, 2012


There is a phenomenon called precognitive dreams, which are the ones where you see a brief glimpse of the future. The theory behind it is that there these “Energy Fields” that you encounter in your daily life eventually build up every once in a while and you see a glimpse of the future. I found out yesterday that I have been having precognitive thoughts. Which lead to spiritual revelations later on. Last night me and my dad went to a monthly meeting at which a prophet speaks and teaches at.

He gave me a really powerful word, “That 2014 will be a very significant year, and that god will surprise me, and all hindrances will be taken away. Also that my life will start and I will be growing into who I really am and that god has given me an extraordinary gift that is really  creative and is giving me divine revelation pertaining to the gift. Which that gift is the spiritual vision and the dictionary that I am trying to create that contains symbols for it.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Words in the Spirit

Everything we say leaves a certain vibration that reverberates through the physical and the spiritual, which we may know or not. These vibrations can impact our spirits or others. On occasion I see words pop up in my head when I hear them if they have a negative connotation, they will appear in a negative image, If they are positive a positive image.  A serious negative word can literally be like a blunt weapon shattering a limb or a positive word could be like supportive scaffolding holding someone together.

I personally don’t pay to much attention to it (I suppose I should) but look it for it in people for scarring.