Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Yellow in the Spirit

Lately I have wanted to figure out what yellow means in the spirit. So I looked in one of the reference books I have for symbolism defined by verses in the bible. The closest color I could find was amber. The book stated that amber means; The glory of God. I pressed more into the spirit and saw that along with The glory of God yellow also means royalty, rejuvenation, and strength. Also resistance in a good way I saw one of those stretchy bands that you work out with and pull. This means when you see yellow it may mean a divine test and endurance.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

meticulous scrutiny in the spirit

Last night me and dad were praying and I realized that I got out of the habit of when I look in the spirit in carefully analyze every detail in the vision. Doing this will fully reveal the complete meaning of what is happening, Pay close attention to intuitive feelings, Size, position, and color. Also be mindful of making sure you have seen the full image before assessing. Realizing this it has rekindled a desire to start covering definition of symbolism again.  

Friday, December 7, 2012


There is a phenomenon called precognitive dreams, which are the ones where you see a brief glimpse of the future. The theory behind it is that there these “Energy Fields” that you encounter in your daily life eventually build up every once in a while and you see a glimpse of the future. I found out yesterday that I have been having precognitive thoughts. Which lead to spiritual revelations later on. Last night me and my dad went to a monthly meeting at which a prophet speaks and teaches at.

He gave me a really powerful word, “That 2014 will be a very significant year, and that god will surprise me, and all hindrances will be taken away. Also that my life will start and I will be growing into who I really am and that god has given me an extraordinary gift that is really  creative and is giving me divine revelation pertaining to the gift. Which that gift is the spiritual vision and the dictionary that I am trying to create that contains symbols for it.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Words in the Spirit

Everything we say leaves a certain vibration that reverberates through the physical and the spiritual, which we may know or not. These vibrations can impact our spirits or others. On occasion I see words pop up in my head when I hear them if they have a negative connotation, they will appear in a negative image, If they are positive a positive image.  A serious negative word can literally be like a blunt weapon shattering a limb or a positive word could be like supportive scaffolding holding someone together.

I personally don’t pay to much attention to it (I suppose I should) but look it for it in people for scarring.


Thursday, November 29, 2012


Lately I have been experiencing dreams from the lord. I don’t usually have dreams from the lord since I am a lucid dreamer. Which means I vaguely control what occurs in my dreams, but with this ability I usually blow off most dreams because they are very random and spontaneous, just completely abstract. But these dreams from the lord have a certain nostalgic feeling with them and reinforce who I am and/or giving me new ideas about myself.

The other night I had a rather violent dream where I ordered the graphic the beating of someone, (I am hardly violent) but I saw that this anger was emerging from a deceptive spirit I contracted from playing a video game I like. So this morning I cast the spirit out of myself.  Another example was a dream that same night (A family friend said a day before that I make an impact on people’s lives) I had a dream where I was doing quick brisk consoling for people. And it was super effective and creating a big change in them.  I have had a few others but I don’t remember them now.    

Monday, November 5, 2012


Wounds Upon ones spirit represent a onetime strike from the enemy that severely harmed the person and left a permanent scar on them that has long lasting effects. In my experiences I have found that analyzing the wound can show the inner effects of the attack.

For the first time, while writing a blog entry, god is showing me an example to share. I’m seeing someone’s spirit that is white at its core and as it moves out from the core. The arms, legs, and head are becoming a grayish blue and the body is crunched in an almost a fettle position and I see that the  abdomen has a large triangle shape wound on it that is extremely deep and is fresh and constantly bleeding and producing blood. The person is trying to hold it in with one hand.

 But when I analyze the wound I see several sliver objects strung about the stringy fibrous jungle of the stomach, the objects residing there is a salt shaker pepper grinder thing with a large porous top. A chalice and a Dagger pointing upwards, my interpretation of each is as fellows The dagger represents a twisted upside down belief in Christ with it pointing up to show a vengeful wrath towards god almost as someone shouting at god and daring him to come down from heaven and smite them. The salt shaker is a god given blessing to spread the word about him such as being a preacher. The chalice is a symbol of good health but the cup is empty showing a loss of good health in mind body and spirit.  

After finding all of this out then I have to put all the pieces together (this requires a lot of discernment.) Here is what I ascertained from all the imagery. The triangle shaped wound represents the trinity, the wound was not placed there by god but the enemy struck the person in a trap mimicking the lord. The objects all together show that the person was called to be a healthy preacher, The only object that wasn’t placed there by god was the dagger which was created and placed by the person out of anger and spite.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Red in the spirit

The Holy Spirit was urging me to speak about the color red in the spirit. Red even in a worldly sense has a negative attraction to it. Red can mean anger, aggression, fury, or life. But in the spirit It does mean some of those things such as anger and fury, but in a good sense of those words. For example it could be  a righteous fury and passion from the lord, use your spiritual discernment to identify if it’s from the lord or from the enemy. For example a negative red would be bitterness in someone. An example of a good red in is in me and other Christian activists, I have an absolute passionate hatred towards human trafficking (Looking at myself) I see that it is a very powerful root in me and the root is red, but discerning it I feel that the red is a healthy righteous anger

Monday, October 29, 2012

Green in the spirit

I am going to start to cover colors and their representation and interpretations. The holy spirit has encouraged me to start with the color green. Green can mean life, growth, peace and composure. The color green is a good color to have presented in someone or something. There isn’t much negative connotation with it.  Where it might may be, may show growth in that particular area. Same as it could mean a completeness or security.  

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Catching a Curse

I started dating a girl a week ago. A few times over the past week I have said some hurtful things towards her. She got mad at me for doing so. But then I took to looking at myself in the spirit to see what was causing me to do this. And I saw that about mid height on my left torso I saw a dark worm like creature looking like a really fat grub. The grub was placed in my spirit when I was young, it was designed to mess up my relationships with the women/girls that I love. But the grub grew so large that moved into the worldly half of me. This means that the enemy emplaced that grub in me and grew and grew to invade the worldly part of me and its task was to mess up my worldly relationships with the girls and women that I love dearly. I quickly prayed it off and away from me and barred it from entering me again.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fred Phelps

The other day I was watching a documentary about the Westboro Baptist church. For those of you who don’t know the what the Westboro Baptist church is it is a fake church here in the US that goes around “Preaching” an anti-homosexual message, but a very harsh one at that it is entirely devoid of love and compassion. But all that aside I was viewing them in the spirit while they were being interviewed.  

Fred Phelps the so called pastor was dried up without an ounce of good in him, he was completely black and was a hallowed out husk it was like all life and joy has left him. What was most interesting was that I didn’t even have to view him in the spirit he stuck out like a sore thumb with all to see how bad off he is. I saw that among his “followers” and his family he was like a cancer among them causing the same effect on all of their spirits and thus themselves.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Transparency in the Spirit

I was praying about what god wants me to write about today. And saw that he wanted me to write about transparency in the spirit, Which I haven’t seen before, But my guess is that depending on the severity of the transparency it would represent a  lacking in that peculiar area.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Chains and bondage in the spirit

Lately when I have been praying for people and viewing them in the spirit I have been seeing chains and ropes and other things tying them down or anchoring them to various burdens. For example I got a word for a girl at my church I saw her worldly side (the right side) being held down with a black rope tied to a concrete block for some unusual reason the block was white. My interpretation of the block was that it is a worldly burden holding her down from the heavenlys’, but examining the    picture more I saw that while the burden is holding her down hat at the same time god is growing her more straight with his passive pruning of her.

Monday, October 1, 2012

my experiences with angels

I was just praying about what god wants me to write about today and he should me to write about my experiences with angels. I haven’t had to many extreme experiences they all have been rather hum-drum. When I first received my spiritual sight when I was 13 I used to constantly look for angels in the spirit everywhere I went I saw some, but they just stood there idly. Once my stroke occurred I started having more interesting, shall we say extravagant experiences while in the hospital I had at last one and a half visitations a week. But these visitations were physical usually appeared a few times Jesus himself manifested. The angels told to me and brought messages of comfort and peace.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

if you wish to contact me

If you wish to contact me for prayer requests or for specific spiritual definitions. here is my email jeese122@hotmail.com and here is my Facebook feel free to add or message me. http://www.facebook.com/jeeseg?ref=tn_tnmn


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Abstract Symbolism in the Spirit

What I usually see in the spirit is super surreal bizarre symbolism. Here are two such cases.

A few weeks ago my dad felt like I had a word from the lord for him. As soon as he asked I saw on his back two white angel wings (even though it sounds good, but it wasn’t) the wings were extremely heavy and weighing him down and preventing him from moving. Once I told him we quickly deliberated and prayed and figured out its meaning. The meaning was that as he has been getting in touch with my families Hebraic roots and taking on himself more and more religious knowledge. But the vision was illustrating that it was disabling him but it was good and holy, but was too much for him to bear. We then prayed that god would relieve the burden from him.

The second is a few days ago I was praying in the middle of the night. I had a vision of myself in heaven and being knighted by Jesus. He then gave me a cuirass (breast piece) of really thick armor. And then he told me that I have authority over curses and principalities in my generation here in the states. But the armor represented  an impenetrable armor in the spirit that the enemy cannot break. So god gave me the power to be an active warrior and go after the enemy headstrong  

Monday, September 3, 2012

backs in the spirit

I was just praying about what god wants me to write about
today and I saw in the spirit an emphasis on the explanation of what backs
represent. I did not know the meaning of “Backs.” Once I looked in the spirit I
saw that backs represent a shield or shielding, coverage, defending. So if a someone’s
back is larger or smaller it may mean that they have a defecatory protection
about them. Or they themselves may be a guarding force for someone.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

feet in the spirit

From what I’ve seen in the spirit feet represent. They
typically represent rooting or roots that someone has. If they are black that
means the person has “Bad” or demonic spiritual or life roots. If they are
white it could mean that they were raised in the church or have holy roots.
Size can matter if they are large it can mean that they have
power or authority depending on what side of the body it is on.

Friday, August 31, 2012

hands in the spirit

Hands in the spirit represent dexterity and usefulness. The
left hand side is the spiritual side and the means that they have authority in
that specific area .Depending on the color of the hand meaning if its black or
white. If its white it means a holy usefulness or authority. If its black it
can mean a deceptive usefulness or a loss. If there singers missing from a hand
it can mean a loss of usefulness or dexterity. Ive found if a thumb is gone it
can man a loss of handiness and adaptability.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Blackness in the spirit

Sometimes people’s spirits are black or are partially black.
The blackness can represent unbelief, doubt, demonic presence. Or just a bad time in someone’s
life If someone was a unbeliever in the pastor has gone through a phase of
unbelief the blackness well ne horizontally on the depending on the length of
time. If the spirit is entirely black that means that someone hasn’t belief at
all. Another thing that I have seen with blackness is blackness in someone’s
core or deep down in a limb or their torso. The deep blackness represents
someone internal beliefs or heart (meaning their morality or personhood)

Friday, August 24, 2012

What god wants me to do (White spirits definition)

God wants me to use
this blog to catalog and Distribute the accumulated knowledge of my spiritual
symbolism reservoir. A good prefect spirit is Glowing bright white and has all
of its full limbs. A "Bad" spirit or unbelieving would be black and lacking
parts of limbs or the entire limb. Depending on what’s missing from the spirit
represented. It will illustrate what’s wrong with it.

Monday, June 25, 2012

a dream

a week or two ago I had a dream of a girl that I went to school with. She was nude and covered with male excrement. This girl I knew her to be somewhat promiscuous. But in this dream besides being nude she was sleeping around with multiple men to get things for herself by using men. The male excrement shows that. But from what I knew she didn’t use men. But after interpreting this dream I left that god was sowing me to pray for her to prevent her from into this trap.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Not to long ago has gifted me with an overwhelming love to pray for all and harbor no judgement towards anyone. Whenever i pray in the spirit i always pray for god to give me more: grace, love, and mercy. Whenever i pray i am entirely holy spirit lead. I typically pray for myself or people the holy spirit leads me to pray for or nations.

Monday, May 28, 2012

who i am

MY name is Jesse golden, I am 19 years old i live in Spokane washington. I have created this blog out of gods guidance. I am a charismatic Christan born and raised. This blog is to document and publish my daily spiritual encounters with god in my life. My 2 biggest spiritual gifts is being a seer and prophecy. I typically see peoples spirits and the mechanisms of god and the emeny. And then see how to pray for or against those mechanisms.

Major change in my direction.

While visiting a family friends church, which she pastors at. I rreceived prayer from one of the congerents there. And she saw me being very dear to god and being a very good friend of his. This goes along with a word that i had recived when i was a kid at a conference in Naches Washington. A pastor prayed for me and had a feeling (just a feeling) that i might be one of gods favorite people. Throughout mt life i have gotten hunderds of words from many people all saying that i have a tremendous call upon my life. Which i have yet to figure out. But ever since i got prayer on sunday from the women at my friends church i have had this feeling in my spirit that god is very close to me (in a physical sense) as if he were right next me all the time. This has brought a very increasing assurance upon that i am doing gods will at this point in my life.