Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Isolation represented in the spirit can be a time of hardship, but yet a period of building and improving of the individual.

When a symbol is isolated in the spirit it means emphasis on it, as well as improving or growing.  

If the isolation is down casting on someone or something it means that it is being oppressive.

The isolation can be a burden(s), for example a lone struggle against something.

Meditation and peace may be a more positive meaning
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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Trees typically mean life in the spirit, or a growth in a particular area (depending on where it is on/in the person.  I have been finding out that not all growing things in the spirit are good such as plants or animals. They can be like a cancer strangling the life and goodness out of someone.  The Esoteric aspects of the tree can be a beacon and/or a sign of change.

Be mindful of what color the leaves are as well dark colors will mean it is a bad tree and lighter colors will mean that it is a good tree.

Friday, January 4, 2013


I was asking god about what I should write for my blog post tonight. He responded to me by showing me a picture of building and I heard him saying write about buildings. I have never personally seen buildings in people’s spirits. But I can feel intuitively that the size of the building and state of the building (meaning if it’s in ruins or a prefect complication). If the building is large and massive it will mean that it is a stronghold in that person’s life or not if it is small. To discern what the building may mean . use your discernment, judging the color may help (perhaps even the architecture) will help.

The building I saw was a ruined cathedral, it was black and possibly burnt down with rubble all around the premises. There was also a dark human figure standing there looking as if it were burnt. I am discerning that the building represents hate. And it being a cathedral means it is a stronghold. Being in ruins it could that it is disputed territory. Like a battleground. I am not sure it all means as I am getting tired now.