Saturday, July 27, 2013

Vision and increased spiritual encounters

A few weeks back I had a really powerful vision and physical manifestation of an angel while I was praying. The vision was I saw myself running an organization that was godly rooted and empowered. The organization was offering analysis and advice rereading my generation, generation Y. I have a huge heart and call for my generation and my nation. The organization of which I would be the head of would offer godly rooted support in how to deal with Gen Y, much like a think tank.

Whenever I know that an angel will manifest my spiritual vision and regular vision start to meld and I begin to see into the spirit without having to open my spirit eyes. This time the angel flew through my room and then my room glowed for a few seconds. Angels tend to be super super bright like an intense white light. About anytime I pray I start to have my vision meld happening and there is an intense feeling of god in the room.

Sometime last year god told me that I would be entering an intense spiritual season equal to the time right after my stroke whenever I go to heaven now everything is much more vibrant and I can see more detail and color now.