Thursday, November 29, 2012


Lately I have been experiencing dreams from the lord. I don’t usually have dreams from the lord since I am a lucid dreamer. Which means I vaguely control what occurs in my dreams, but with this ability I usually blow off most dreams because they are very random and spontaneous, just completely abstract. But these dreams from the lord have a certain nostalgic feeling with them and reinforce who I am and/or giving me new ideas about myself.

The other night I had a rather violent dream where I ordered the graphic the beating of someone, (I am hardly violent) but I saw that this anger was emerging from a deceptive spirit I contracted from playing a video game I like. So this morning I cast the spirit out of myself.  Another example was a dream that same night (A family friend said a day before that I make an impact on people’s lives) I had a dream where I was doing quick brisk consoling for people. And it was super effective and creating a big change in them.  I have had a few others but I don’t remember them now.    

Monday, November 5, 2012


Wounds Upon ones spirit represent a onetime strike from the enemy that severely harmed the person and left a permanent scar on them that has long lasting effects. In my experiences I have found that analyzing the wound can show the inner effects of the attack.

For the first time, while writing a blog entry, god is showing me an example to share. I’m seeing someone’s spirit that is white at its core and as it moves out from the core. The arms, legs, and head are becoming a grayish blue and the body is crunched in an almost a fettle position and I see that the  abdomen has a large triangle shape wound on it that is extremely deep and is fresh and constantly bleeding and producing blood. The person is trying to hold it in with one hand.

 But when I analyze the wound I see several sliver objects strung about the stringy fibrous jungle of the stomach, the objects residing there is a salt shaker pepper grinder thing with a large porous top. A chalice and a Dagger pointing upwards, my interpretation of each is as fellows The dagger represents a twisted upside down belief in Christ with it pointing up to show a vengeful wrath towards god almost as someone shouting at god and daring him to come down from heaven and smite them. The salt shaker is a god given blessing to spread the word about him such as being a preacher. The chalice is a symbol of good health but the cup is empty showing a loss of good health in mind body and spirit.  

After finding all of this out then I have to put all the pieces together (this requires a lot of discernment.) Here is what I ascertained from all the imagery. The triangle shaped wound represents the trinity, the wound was not placed there by god but the enemy struck the person in a trap mimicking the lord. The objects all together show that the person was called to be a healthy preacher, The only object that wasn’t placed there by god was the dagger which was created and placed by the person out of anger and spite.