Sunday, September 8, 2013

New Season

Over the summer I started smoking marijuana with my friends (all of my friends are what some people would refer to as “Heathens” I personally really hate that term so I don’t use it.) On the first of the month we were getting high off of some hash. I was laying down on my bed for a bit and I was having prophetic visions of whats going to happen between then and the time I start college on the 23rd. I couldn’t get the phrase new season out of my mind and for the hour or so I was on my bed I saw that this month is going to be the month that my great year is going to start where my life will take off. I saw that everything will transition this month, that my drug use will stop and that my friend group will broaden at school and I will start befriending much more Christians and that these new friends will be my life-long friends.

That night we didn’t clean the back porch, which then made my dad rather angry at me and my friends and for the whole day he kept on talking about a new season starting and taking place for me. And he banished my friends for a month. I still go over to their places but my drug use has gone way down. And my friendships with them has started to change and I can see that as I integrate the new friends ill be making at college into my life that it will be easier for me to spend time with them. The day after the first I prayed and god give me a verse from job, and it is Job 36:6 (AMP) | In Context | Whole Chapter

He does not prolong the life of the wicked, but gives the needy and afflicted their right

I was rather amazed when I saw this and since this revelation my confidence in the future has become stronger and I have less worry.

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