Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Over the  past 3 weeks I have been making huge progress, and leaps and bounds in all areas of my life. It first started with a visit to John Sanford a consular who founded Elijah house ministries. Which is world wide association of counseling and inner healing through the power of God the Father and the Holy spirit. In short the appointment healed me of alot of deep seeded grief that has been an accumulation of all the grief from my whole life.
Upon being released I began a really intense phase of spiritual and physical and mental healing from my stroke 7 years ago. Now I am feeling much more energetic and emotionally and spiritual better I have begun to break down barriers that have long existed for the past 7 years. I am seeing myself and my life come in alignment and furision into who I am and what God dei re es me to be. I am now going to get back Into updating this blog much more. John also gave me 6 books which he wrote to help prepare me and teach me for a ministry of inner healing.
I found after receiving a vision in which I saw that the more spiritual I'd become the more recovery and healing would follow. Since i have, I have actually gotten to a point now where I am functioning better than I did before my stroke.

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  1. Great news. Encouraging to read. I look forward to the months ahead. Dad.